Used Marine Diesel Engines

Used diesel engines

Technology has revolutionized the marine diesel engine. There is low-Sulphur diesel fuel available in the market which has significantly reduced exhaust emissions to the environment. There are several factors to consider when buying a marine diesel engine. It mostly depends on the power you need for your boat. In addition to that consider the weight and size of the engine. There are sea trials available with various options already installed for you to experience the horsepower of the engine.

The power to weight ratio is essential as a slight difference affects performance. Once you narrow down to this, you ought to consider the service access points for the diesel engine. This is in regards to water pump impellers, filters, and other factors. This assists in the maintenance of the engine as the current marine diesel engines cannot be maintained using Do It Yourself methods as before. It requires a professional with the acquired training and specific tools available.

Used marine diesel engines

Marine Diesel Engines at PoolTrading.Com

At, we provide used marine diesel engines sourced from reputable suppliers. The process consists of conducting a thorough inspection to ensure they are of high quality. Any repairs are done before a sale to ensure the engine is in optimal condition through our workshop. The workshop provides reliable craftsmanship for service access and maintenance as well. While sourcing for our products, we ensure we get renowned brands to enhance customer’s confidence in our products. These include Detroit Diesel, Deutz, MWM, MAK, Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo Penta, Scania, MAN, Twin Disc, ZF, and Masson. We provide great customer service to ensure we are your trusted source and you become a return customer.

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