IPTV Platforms

IPTV means Internet Protocol Television which delivery television content to Internet Protocol networks. This is in comparison to deliver the content through conventional terrestrial, satellites, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV allows the ability to stream the whole source media continuously. In this regard, Divitel plays its role in the refined shape of technology.

Divitel: An IPTV Platform 

Divitel shows the entire concern towards users, IPTV service providers, and their expectations. Divitel as IPTV solutions has added several interactive layers. The area as parallel as the content demands. It has entirely devised the solution according to strong recommendations and personalization across the wide technology and devices. 

IPTV: Marking in a Marketplace 

IPTV Solutions are working and ensuring better quality control according to the mark in the marketplace. An IPTV platform permits you to offer more functionality, ensuring better user retention helps improve the economics of the service. Let’s see how it shows the transformation throughout the process.

How to Transform into Next Generation IPTV Platform?

IPTV and OTT operations can be quite complicated as compared to conventional DVB services. This type of issue is necessary to detect and solve in a specific manner through providers and operators. Let’s dive into IPTV problems.

IPTV Issues

Following are the issues that can disturb the stability of an IPTV.

  • Constant changes
  • Regular Updates 
  • Continual Releases

 The problems mentioned above are regarded in a specific manner through technology; it can disrupt the stability of your platform.

IPTV Solution(s)

While considering the IPTV issues for service providers, Divitel hit several IPTV solutions discussed in detail.

Experience IPTV and OTT solution(s)

Divitel is highly skilled and experienced in designing, building, and maintaining cutting-edge (hybrid) IPTV and OTT platforms for service providers worldwide.

Helps in Maintaining Legacy of Infrastructure 

With our highly specialized skill-set, Divitel enables customers to increase the lifetime of their legacy infrastructure. Despite technology, it could be DVB S/S2, T/T2, C, IPTV, OTT, or smart hybrid configurations; maintain your legacy as much as it is possible.

Solution Through Higher Statistics

Divitel has solved and found solutions via competitive, economically sound, interactive TV experiences across a huge range of networks and devices.

Optimization and Operation of Post Designed IPTV Platform

Sometimes, clients own an IPTV platform and urge to optimize and bringing innovation into the system. In this regard, there are few steps to follow, such as,

  • Transformational Tools
  • Integration
  • Operation

Transformational Tools

IPTV, VOD, or OTT  needs to transform to meet their viewers’ expectations regarding video and TV  services.  It matters on Android TV, Replay TV, the efficient streaming of live events, Cloud TV, CPE devices, video delivery optimization, recommendation engines, cloud migrations, monetization, convergence, etc. It is a huge challenge in modern technology and makes the right choices with the following actual tools.

  • TV Navigator 
  • Media TV Navigator
  • Quick Scan

Integration and Migration 

Integration and migration involve the higher grading deployment. It entirely works through data intelligence. It surrounds various areas such as;

 • Client Care

• Content Processing 

• Content Acquisition

• Back End and Front End

• Content Delivery 

• Client Devices

For deployment instances, SETAR and Kabel Noord have shared their success stories.


Operations are real to recognize the OTT media giants and bringing innovations. The professionals basically detect the situations of IPTV platforms. It goes through three different steps such as;

  • See: continuously monitoring, prioritizing, and investigating the problem.
  • Fix: accurate back and forth communication for faster fixation of an issue
  • Improve: for better quality control over IPTV solutions; it works proactively with modern technologies. 

Vodafone and Quickline share their success story of competitive operational IPTV platforms. 

Final Word

Divitel has recognized all the basic IPTV platforms along with IPTV solutions. It involves from detection of an IPTV problem to solving it with operations, Divitel has mentioned every point of IPTV clearly. For more information about detailed IPTV platforms, go to Divitel.com and explore the great mindset behind your IPTV infrastructure.

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